<< All News Thursday, April 30, 2020

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Executive Director Travis Finck has informed employees and contractors the summer CLE will be modified and held in an online format.  The email is below:

I hope you are all well.  This email is to inform you the 2020 annual Indigent Defense Summer CLE will not be held in person.  As the Director, I am statutorily tasked with providing regular training programs for contract counsel and public defenders (NDCC 54-61-03(2)).  However, due to the Coronavirus and safety concerns for our employees, contractors and guest lecturers; I have made the difficult decision to provide this training in an online format.  I am working with Jason Tupman, Federal Public Defender for North Dakota and South Dakota, to establish an online training to be held on Thursday June 25.  I am not able to guarantee the same number of hours we typically provide in June, but will try and establish some additional webinars (free of cost and will be available to all PD’s and contractors) to help ease concerns for those attorneys who are reporting this year.


I know this event is widely anticipated by all our attorneys as a chance to meet, exchange stories and talk strategy.  We will be together again soon, but feel this is the most prudent approach.

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